Commercial Work

At Midland Aerial Services we have the experience needed to deliver a wide range of Aerial and Satellite solutions.

Our range of services, to name a few, include:

  • IRS
  • MATV
  • Fibre

We have the expertise necessary in design and planning for small or large scale communal systems, whether it be for new systems or upgrades to existing systems. All ideal for developers, apartment blocks, businesses and managing agents.

Whether you need TV to just a few rooms, or a few hundred, we can provide a fully managed service all the way from the aerial direct to the TV.

IRS (Integrated Reception System)

IRS Systems can deliver a full range of services such as, Freeview / Sky / Freesat / DAB Digital Radio / Analogue FM Stereo Radio, you could also include Foreign Satellite and CCTV.

Thank you so much for your prompt service… I didn’t get chance to thank the engineers. Certainly in the future I will recommend your company to friends and neighbours.

-Mrs P.H, Lemaington Spa

The benefits of IRS systems are that you will be providing the ultimate media solution, in offering the end user their own informed and unbiased choice in which services they wish to utilise.

MATV (Master Antenna TV System)

A traditional type of communal Aerial system offering a range of services such as, Freeview / DAB Digital Radio / Analogue FM Stereo Radio. A system where there is no requirement for Satellite TV.

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV System)

In principal similar to a MATV system but with the inclusion of Satellite TV. This type of system is perhaps more applicable to Hotel type distribution systems.

If chosen and in addition to Freeview TV via an aerial, at the outset a specified range of satellite channels is chosen. Via a processor Satellite signals are converted and can be combined with Freeview channels and then distributed through the distribution network to every TV.

This then provides the end user independent access to the Freeview or Satellite channels, all directly on their TV set. Although the number of satellite channels may be limited, you only need the TV, there is no need for a separate set top box in every room.

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