We supply and install the latest Digital TV Aerials for Freeview and other services such as Top up TV and BT Vision. Our TV Aerial Engineers can install a new TV Aerial, Aerial system or other alternative equipment if required, to provide a range of digital TV services without the need for subscriptions.

Since the analogue to digital switchover, homes can now receive digital TV Freeview signals from their TV aerial. Freeview is now also broadcasting some channels in HD, including BBC HD, ITV HD, CH4 HD, and Channel 5 HD, this makes Freeview one of the new Digital HD affordable options.

About the Digital Switchover & Freeview

The digital switchover is happening throughout the United Kingdom, and will be finally complete during 2012, when the last analogue signals will be finally switched off permanently. Most areas are already receiving the improved digital transmission, and benefit from an increased variety of digital TV channels with greater picture and audio quality.

With Freeview TV already available throughout the most of the UK, you could have access to a whole new variety of television entertainment and interactive digital TV channels, from comedy and drama, films, to news and music, all of which are free!

The majority of Freeview digital set top boxes provide advanced digital programming guides allowing you to view upcoming Freeview television shows several days in advance, and also come complete with a digital programme timer, to ensure you don’t miss the start!

To ensure you receive the full benefit of digital programming, you may need a digital compatible TV aerial, and either a digital television with an integrated digital freeview tuner (look for the digital tick), or, if you aren’t replacing your television, then a freeview set top receiver. The service offered by freeview TV provides approximately 50 digital television channels, and 24 digital radio channels, enhanced digital teletext, digital programming guides and interactive services!

Freeview has provided the United Kingdom a cross platform of digital TV channels since October 2002, all completely free, and they are currently in the process of introducing new digital entertainment features, such as Freeview+ providing tape free recording, and Freeview HD free High Definition programming.


With Freeview TV, there is no monthly subscription required to receive and enjoy the service, You are not tied into any contract any rental agreements or commitment, Freeview, as the name suggests, is FREE!

Freeview HD

Freeview HD is a television service that offers HD channels available via your TV aerial, all for free. It’s available in a set top box that you will need to connect to a HD Ready TV. Or, if you don’t have an HD ready TV, then TV’s with Freeview HD built in are already available. Plus, you also get access to up to 50 SD digital channels and radio stations. And all for free.

Freeview HD is simple to set up; just plug in, and with no monthly bills, you just buy today, watch today then it’s free forever.

Freeview+ – Record/Pause/Rewind Live TV!

Freeview+ (Freeview Plus) PVR provides the home user all the benefits of home tape recording, but without the necessity of tapes, and can store many programmes for free on the in built hard drive. Record one programme and watch another at the same time, record two programmes at once and watch a third, all at the same time!

Similar to both the Sky+ PVR and the Freesat+ PVR, Freeview+ PVR’s provide any consumer the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their favourite digital television shows, live!

Furthermore, a Freeview+ digital receiver can record your favourite TV shows whilst you are not home, at work or away, ensuring you never miss a show again! You can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of your favourite television programmes by the press of a button!

Freeview+ like the other Freeview services requires no monthly charge or subscription, and is provided completely free of charge providing you have a Freeview+ digital receiver. You may also require the installation of a digital TV aerial.

Freeview+ is simple to set up; just plug in, and with no monthly bills, you just buy today, watch today then it’s free forever.

Top Up TV Pay TV Services

Top Up TV, or pay to view TV channels gives you the option of different viewing packs: such as, TV Favourites, PictureBox films or sport such as ESPN, Sky Sport 1 and 2, and many more. If you wish to receive these premium channels, your digital TV or digital set top box must have the facility of a CAM & Card access slot.
With Top UP TV, your normal TV aerial is all you need!

Top Up TV does require a monthly payment direct to Top Up TV.

BT Vision Pay TV Services

The great advantage BT Vision has is that there is more flexibility over what you want to view on TV. With BT Vision you can watch premium television services on a pay per view basis or subscribe to individual packs such as Sports or Music or a Value Pack subscription where you can bundle individual packs together.

This type of service is called On Demand TV and offers great value for consumers in terms of choice and price.

With new technology from BT and their BT Vision+ Box, you can record, pause, play and rewind LIVE digital TV. Never miss your favourite programme again thanks to the BT Vision Box up to 80 hours can be recorded, no tapes, discs or fiddly timers, you record a whole TV series if you want to.

With the brilliant BT Vision Box you get Freeview as standard which has over 70 channels of both digital TV and radio which can be instantly accessed at the simple touch of a button. With BT Vision, in addition to a Broadband connection, your normal TV aerial is all you need!

BT Vision does require a monthly payment direct to BT.

Here are some of the channels you are likely to get through Freeview:

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.51.16

Channels below are available to approximately 70% of UK homes. Check your channel line up here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.51.20

S4C is a Welsh language service available to Freeview viewers in Wales. BBC Alba is a Scottish Gaelic language service available in Scotland. RTE One, RTE Two and TG4 are broadcast to c.78% of the population Northern Ireland and can be received with Freeview HD equipment.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.51.48

Please check the coverage in your area here to see what Local TV channel you will receive. More coming soon.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 11.51.52

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