With HD – anywhere systems you can view True HD from an existing HD source at a second or multiple locations

Maximise costly subscription charges to get added value from HD boxes. Incorporate other types of HD devices and Players and share them all across other HDTV locations.

  • One existing Sky HD box, view true HD and control your HD box from another location
  • Reduce monthly subscription charges
  • No need for Multiroom subscription costs

Watch, control and enjoy HDanywhere

HDanywhere products allow you to maximise the potential from all your HD subscriptions, players and devices by making them accessible at every HDTV around the home – delivering the pixel-perfect high definition viewing experience with control, regardless of distance from the box.

Enhanced value

Unlock the potential of all your HD-capable devices, underutilised and sadly stuck on standard definition signals. HDanywhere customers can gain significant added value for money, year-on-year, from expensive HD satellite or cable subscriptions by making those channels accessible at all times, on more than just one TV.


HDanywhere are ‘Prosumer’ products – professional technology innovated into consumer available systems. Every HDanywhere product will deliver reliable pixel-for-pixel perfect full-HD 1080p picture quality, plus IR remote control of the source device, hence our motto: watch control enjoy HD anywhere.

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