Further to my letter of 17th May, and to your subsequent telephone call to me,  I am pleased to advise that ONdigital did indeed telephone me (at 5:00pm) to say that they would change my Nokia digital set on Tuesday morning.

It seems that they were quite aware that some sets had seized up in consequence of a modification they had sent out to add two more stations to those already available on these particular sets.

How soon they would have got round to doing something for me without your intervention is anybody’s guess, but you will understand how grateful I am for your help.

– Mr J.K, Kenilworth

Thank you so much for your prompt service regarding the new TV Aerial you fitted for me. I didn’t get chance to thank the engineers for the time they spent making sure that the aerial was in the right position to receive a clear picture on BBC 1.

Certainly in the future I will recommend your company to friends and neighbours.

Mrs P.H, Leamington Spa

Many thanks for your help, our television picture is perfect and free from the evening interference.

Mrs B.M, Nuneaton

With reference to supply and installation of new aerial, we enclose payment as per your invoice. We would like to thank you for your professional service.
Mr & Mrs M, Coventry

Thank you for a very good job, everything is working splendidly.
Mr D.K, Lapworth

As ever, grateful for your good work, courtesy and respect for my home.
– Mrs B.C, Daventry

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